February 11, 2017
Join Elmhurst United and March at the Lunar New Year Parade in Flushing, NY on 2/17/18

Bring your family and friends to march at this year’s Lunar New Year Parade! Share this message.

Flushing is home to Queens’ first—and largest—Chinatown neighborhood. As such, the area’s Lunar New Year Parade is a huge draw each year, with vibrant costumes, floats, dancing and traditional Chinese celebrations.

You are invited to march with the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce along with Elmhurst United and CACANY in the Lunar New Year Parade on Saturday, February 17th. Everyone will gather at St. George’s Church 13532 38th Ave (Flushing) from 9:30 to 10:30am to connect and stay warm with hot coffee and donuts before heading to the parade site together at Union Street and 37th Avenue. The parade will begin at approximately 11am.

This year’s theme is the “Year of the Dog!” … what are your wishes, hopes, desires, and predictions for the coming year?

Korea Taekwondo’s team will perform a martial arts demonstration. We will also be joined by EPIC 88 for KPop dance performance and Zumba audience participation activities!

The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce is part of a community coalition that plans and organized the Parade every year. The coalition is led by the Flushing Chinese Business Association and the Korean American Association of Queens.


2月17日星期六,邀请您与大法拉盛商会以及艾姆赫斯特联合会和纽约同源会一起参加农历新年大游行。每人将于上午9:30至10:30在法拉盛圣公会圣佐治堂(St. George’s Church, 135-32第38大道)聚集,将有热咖啡和甜甜圈保暖,然后一起前往联合街和第37大道的集合场地。游行将于上午11点左右开始。


韩国跆拳道队将进行武术表演。EPIC 88 也将加入为 Kpop 舞蹈表演和有 Zumba 观众参与活动!


February 4, 2017
Holden Announces Property Tax Assessment Workshop

City Council Member Bob Holden

City Council Member Robert Holden announced that he will be hosting a Property Tax Assessment Workshop for residents to discuss their property tax assessments and notices of property value with representatives of the Tax Commission and Department of Finance.

Holden is convening this property tax assessment workshop to help homeowners better understand their property tax assessment. Homeowners can meet one-on-one to learn how to dispute their assessed property value, how to change their property description and how to apply for property tax exemptions.

“Understanding your property taxes can be a confusing and frustrating process, especially when trying to navigate different city agencies,” said Holden. “These workshops will allow homeowners to get the answers they need to understand their property taxes and to navigate the appeals process.”

The workshop is slated for between 6-8 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 7 at the Atlas Park Mall Community Room, 71-19 80th Street, 3rd Floor in Glendale. Any questions may be directed to 718-366-3900.

September 9, 2017
Elmhurst United 2nd annual E-waste Recycling at New Life Fellowship Church on September 16, 2017

E-waste recycling_Eng Ch Sp full page Sept 16 17

July 24, 2016
Elmhurst United press release pertaining to the renewal of the Pan Am family homeless shelter contract

2017-07-24 Pan Am Contract Registered

June 24, 2017

Elmhurst United’s protest to stop the City from adding additional funds to the current contract with Samaritan Daytop Village and to deny city approval for a new six-year contract with Samaritan Daytop Village.

For those who came out to support us. Thank You!

Come Out and Support Us!

RALLY 6-24-17 Pan Am Rally VER 5 Eng Chi

May 9, 2017
The pitiful hotel/warehouse call the Boulevard Family Homeless Shelter

Pan Am homeless shelter violations


pdf of all violations

Pan Am no heat or hot water complaints

March 9, 2017

There has been an uptick of robberies, burglaries, muggings in Elmhurst lately.

Just to name a few incidences:

There were several burglaries in Elmhurst in close proximity to each other. Two of the burglaries were in one house, different apartments. Please view your home security cameras for the dates listed below and talk to the 110 Precinct if you find any useful footage.

Crime stats provided by 110 Precinct. Comet (Communities of Maspeth and Elmhurst) presented this update on behalf of the 110th Precinct.

· 2/8 – 4:00 pm, 85 #s/54th Avenue, upstairs resident spotted two males going in or leaving through the rear basement. Witness was not able to provide descriptions.
· 2/8 – 10:00 am – 9:00 pm – residential burglary at 86 #s/53rd Avenue. The burglary occurred while victim was at work. Entry was made through the front door which had a steel plate, most likely with a pry bar. Cash and jewelry stolen.
· 2/11 – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, 85 “s/54th Avenue, entry was made through the rear. A Cannon road bike and Mac book computer was stolen.
· 02/16/17Grand Larceny– 2010 Honda CRV stolen-Calamus Avenue
· 02/20/17-Perpetrator entered through rear door diamonds and money was stolen
· 2/26 – 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm, 86 #s/55th Avenue, entry through the rear. Cash and jewelry stolen. Two apartments hit at this location.

Please get the word out to your neighbors and ask them to be vigilant! It’s not known if the two males are responsible for all the break-ins but the fact that these addresses aren’t that far apart raises a red flag. If you see ANYONE that looks suspicious call 911 and keep in mind burglars move from place to place!

October 13, 2016


Join the Sunset Park community to protest Mayor DeBlasio’s failed homeless shelter policies!!!

Ever since DeBlasio first illegally converted the Pan American Hotel into a homeless shelter, he has been irresponsibly warehousing homeless families in hotels and destroying communities across the City. From Elmhurst to Maspeth to Bellerose to Sunset Park, residents are protesting DeBlasio’s failed homeless shelter policies and uniting to fight for our rights. We must stand together to STOP DeBlasio.

Sunset Park is holding a protest on

Saturday October 15 at 1:00 PM at 24th St & 4th Ave in Sunset Park, Brooklyn*.

Please join Sunset Park in their protest. Only together can we STOP DeBlasio’s reckless homeless policy of converting hotels into shelters.

It is never too late to stand up and let your voice be heard – No more shelters!

Our latest updates can be found on our website and facebook page:

Elmhurst United website www.elmhurstunited.org

Facebook page: elmhurstunitedinc

Email: elmhurstunited@gmail.com

——————– ———————–

请加入日落公园 (Sunset Park) 社区抗议白思豪市长失敗的游民政策。


日落公园抗议活动于本周六(10月15日)下午1 时在布鲁克林日落公园 24 街及4 大道举行*。


站起来发声永远不会太晚,让你的声音听到 – 不要更多的游民收容所!


June 29, 2016
Senator Tony Avella and Elmhurst United Stands Against Sex Offenders Placed into Family Homeless Shelters

Thanks to all who attended today’s press conference to support Senator Avella and Elmhurst United’s calls for the City to cease placing high risk sex offenders next to families and children. Below are links to some of the media reports from this event:





June 27, 2016
Senator Avella Stands Against Sex Offender
Placement in Family Homeless Shelters
Queens, NY – On Tuesday, June 28th at 3:00 PM, State Senator Tony Avella will stand with Elmhurst United at the former Pan-American hotel homeless shelter to demand that level 2 and 3 sex offenders no longer be placed in family homeless shelters.
The City has traditionally valued keeping the family of a registered sex offender intact rather than sending the sex offender to a separate single adult shelter. By placing sex offenders in family homeless shelters, other families and their children are endangered.
The Department of Homeless Services implemented a procedure in October of 2015 to regulate the placement of sex offenders in family shelters, intending to prohibit level 3 sex offenders from family shelters, and place level 2 sex offenders with discretion. However, it was recently revealed that at least two level 3 sex offenders have been registered as living in the Pan-Am shelter.
WHO: State Senator Tony Avella, Elmhurst United
WHEN: Tuesday, June 28, at 3:00 PM
WHERE: Pan-American Hotel: 79-00 Queens Boulevard, Elmhurst (On Hillyer Street)

June 16, 2016
Alert: Child sex offender living at the Pan Am homeless shelter!!!

A Level 3 sex offender may be living at the Boulevard Family Residence — an Elmhurst homeless shelter for families — according to the state Division of Criminal Justice Services.

According to state records, the 47-year-old Clark was convicted in 1995 of first-degree sexual abuse for assaulting a pair of 13-year-old girls and a 10-year-old girl.


Child sex-offender 7222 in details:


sex-offender 30442 in details:


星岛日报 Singtao about the sex offender:


世界日报 World Journal:


June 16, 2016
Statement from Elmhurst United:

“We would hope that this was simply an oversight on the part of DHS; however, given their past lies and deliberate deceptions, we are afraid that this is again just their normal practice. For whatever reason, instead of placing a Level 3 sex offender in an adult men’s shelter, DHS has decided to place him in a family shelter, a family shelter which is also less than 1,000 feet from two elementary schools! DHS didn’t notify the residents of the Pan Am family shelter or the community residents that they were going to house a sex offender there because they knew there would be an uproar. So they decided to take their chances, move him in secretly, and hope that no one finds out or that no young children are sexually assaulted. This is unacceptable. DHS should be held accountable for this breach of trust. This happens all too often at DHS’ family shelters. Someone at DHS should be fired.”

“我们希望这一件事只是纽约市游民服务局监督的问题; 但是,考虑到他们过去的谎言和深思熟虑的欺骗,我们害怕这只是他们又一次不顾后果的行为。无论出于何种原因,游民服务局不放置一个3级性犯罪者在成年男子的收容所,而决定把他按放在一个距离多家小学不到 1000 英尺的家庭收容所!游民服务局没有通知泛美收容所附近的居民他们将要接纳性罪犯,因为他们知道社区居民会一片哗然。于是他们决定偷偷赌一把,希望没有人发现或者没有小孩被性侵犯。这是不可接受的。游民服务局应为这次食言背信负上责任。这种情况在游民服务局的家庭收容所已发生多次。有人在游民服务局应该被解雇”。

June 2, 2016


June 1, 2016
The nearly $24 million contract for the controversial shelter at the former Pan Am hotel does not include the cost of renovations required to convert the space into a federally allowable family shelter, according to its contract.
City taxpayers will pick up that $2 million-plus tab.


February 13, 2016

The Community of Elmhurst and members of Elmhurst United are disappointed by Comptroller Scott Stringer’s decision to register the Pan Am shelter contract. However, we commend the Comptroller for adding provisions requiring Samaritan Daytop Village to install kitchens in each unit, a childcare center and playground as well as remediation of open violations. Since 2014, Elmhurst United has raised the issue of complying with NYC’s Administrative Code to install kitchens which is also a requirement under the Department of Homeless Services’ Request for Proposals.

For more than 18 months, the landlord and shelter operator had ample time to build these kitchens. Our expectation is that this contractual commitment will be fulfilled in an expedited manner and will include provisions to address additional fire suppressant, egress exits, asbestos and lead paint issues. In addition, the landlord and Samaritan Daytop Village should ensure that the facility meets NYC Building Codes and has effective security provisions and procedures in place to ensure that homeless residents and the Elmhurst Community are safe and protected.

Elmhurst United along with our elected officials will continue to monitor and raise issues regarding this shelter. Stay tuned for the next chapter.

2016 年 2 月 13 日


艾姆赫斯特社区和艾姆赫斯特联合会对于主计长斯静格(Scott Stringer)决定注册泛美游民收容所合同
感到失望。然而,我们赞扬主计长规定运营商撒玛利坦天顶村 (Samaritan Daytop Village) 在各房间的改
建条件,包括安装有烹调设施,提供儿童保育中心,提供游乐场,以及改正各项违规等。自 2014 年以
这也是纽约市游民服务局 “征求收容所运营商合同” 里的要求。
过去 18 个月以来,房东和收容所运营商有充足的时间来设置这些烹调设施。我们的期望是,这份合同

January 27, 2016

Pan Am contract submitted under new vendor Samaritan Daytop Village Inc. (prior vendor was Samaritan Village Inc.). DHS also amended the amount to $24M expiring 6/30/17 (see link below).



January 11, 2016
Respected friend and ally of Elmhurst United unexpectly passed away. RIP Robert and thank you for serving the community!